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Our Farmers

Starting in October, Liam joins us as our experienced Market Gardener at our Millen Farm site in Samford.

Liam enjoys gardening and one day plans to have his own market garden farm.

Look out for daily updates on our facebook page

Josh joins us as our casual farm hand, helping Liam at our Millen Farm site

Look out for daily updates on our facebook page

Our Advisory Board


Arran’s Nanna taught him how to compost as soon as he could walk and ever since then he has had an enthusiastic way of looking at nature. Inspired by a Geoff Lawton video he decided to do a permaculture design certificate and after visiting and volunteering on as many different styles of farms as he could he built his own permaculture market garden. Arran now operates Millen Farm’s market garden which he built from scratch using permaculture principles and also teaches what he has learnt to others to inspire as many people as possible to follow their dreams.


Belinda has extensive experience providing legal, commercial and governance advice to businesses both in Australia and internationally. With strong skills in risk management, project planning and execution, she is known for working collaboratively and proactively to successfully deliver targeted outcomes. Belinda is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) and Bachelor of Laws (Hons 2A) from QUT as well as a Master of Public & International Law from the University of Melbourne. Belinda’s interest in the Mini Farm Project stems from her strong passion for environmental, social and economic sustainability and her belief that urban farming has immense potential to transform the social, mental and physical health of local communities.


Ben has worked in the Australian and international cotton markets, and other agricultural commodity and financial markets, for over 11 years.
Ben has a Bachelor of Business Management from The University of Queensland, and has studied commodities futures and options trading at K2.


Useless gardener and all things green left in her hands often fails. However for years, Marianne has had a total work crush on Ronni Kahn (the pinnacle of social entrepreneur) and has a will stronger than a lion to assist the less fortunate especially within food insecurity in any way she can.
Marianne has worked in the event and conferencing industry for more than 20 years and run her own event business for over 15 bringing to the table a double Business Degree and suite of corporate partnerships.


Story telling is how we've shared information and ideas for years.
Even though our modernisation has changed the way we do that I believe the stories we tell need to be worth our time and attention.
For the last 3 years I have worked across 58 productions in both commercial and creative film making.

Our Site Volunteers

Our Board

Craig Fox


Possessing skills and experience in business, leadership, strategic planning, mentoring and facilitation, he works with organisations to identify options and potential opportunities to create value.

Paul has an ability to link quality decision making to business growth and articulating the value to be gained across various scenarios.


Johanna’s passion for growth and sustainability strategies apply equally in and out of the boardroom. As Strategic Director of software developer, Pronamics, Johanna has applied her vision and leadership skills to deliver unprecedented global corporate growth. As an Advisor of The Mini Farm Project, Johanna uses these same skills to serve her community, provide for those in need and preserve the environment for our future generations.  Johanna holds a Bachelor of Business Management from QUT, is a Company Director Course Graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Qualified Justice of the Peace.


Craig is a hospitality professional, having owned and operated Wine & dine’m catering for 23 years as well as other hospitality based businesses.   Craig and his business have been long time supporters of MFP with the first iteration of MFP starting at the premises of WNDM in 201??   In the course of delivering high end catering, he has seen that food can be looked upon as a luxury item and is acutely aware of food security issues and looking at how both can work inharmony to allow one to support the growth of access to quality food for the other.   He is uniquely connected to the food industry and is positioned to be able to look into the commercial side of mini farm project identifying new markets as well as using his business knowledge to look strategically at how to create commercial partnerships to further the sustainability of the business model of MFP.


Ash has been transforming spaces into weddings and corporate events for over five years. Originally drawn to The Mini Farm Project because her interest in sustainable gardening, Ash is excited about better use of areas for community involvement and nourishing our people.

Currently in a Business Development role, Ash is able to provide necessary network connections and introductions.


Matt completed a Bachelor of Computing and has worked for a number of IT companies in Brisbane.

With transferable skills in component management, Matt has contributed valued planning and management skills to the Mini Farm Project.

Founder & CEO

To address the shortfall of good quality nutritions food reaching those in need, Nick Steiner founded The Mini Farm Project in July 2014.

Currently, Nick is employed full time with Wine & Dine’m Catering.

Nick's formal studies are in Training, Human Resources, Business Management, Compliance, Hospitality, and Permaculture Design.

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