1 acre can produce up to 10,000 kg of food or 30,000 meals

Our Sites

2500 m2 Market Garden Farming

This site is at Millen Farm in Samford at 2204 Mt Samson Road, Samford. Our charity partner is Meals on Wheels Pine Rivers and Districts and 50% of what we produce is donated freely. The other 50% is sold to self fund the farm.

Land Leased by: Millen Farm
Sponsored by: Meals on Wheels, Wine & Dine’m Catering, OD Hydrology, RACQ Foundation Grant

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340 m2 Hydroponic Site

Our first commercial site allowing us to self fund.

Site is on private property.

Sponsored by: Wine & Dine’m Catering, OD Hydrology, Grant funding from Civic Solutions.


500 m2 Mixed use site

In Partnership with Traction we turn this garden area in to production farm to feed those in need, an area for workshops and tours and an area to grow bush foods.

Food donated to OZ Harvest for distribution. More soon!
Sponsored by: OD Hydrology, Grant funding from The Geoff Ross Endowment at the APS Foundation.

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