Donation - Donate a Bed at Barns Lane Charity Farm

$970.00 AUD

Thank you for choosing to Help RESOLVE Food Insecurity in the Sunshine Coast Region.

Your Tax Deductible Donation will help us Pre-Fund the Development of our Barns Lane Farm in Coolum.

Scheduled to be develop end of 2023 Our farm will be part of the Barns Lane Farm Precinct.

We are excited to be part of this amazing development and your business will now be featured as a Donor at the farm with a Plaque with your logo made by Substation 33 and placed at your Bed.

Produce from this site will be donated to Meals on Wheels, OzHarvest and other Charities in the Region each week.

We will contact you for the name of your Organisation, Logo and other contact details.

You can stay up to date with our progress by liking our Mini Farm at Barns Lane Facebook Page

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