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We are creating a Network of Charity Farms to Grow Food for Those in Need. This is an Opportunity to change the face of Australia.

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What Is This Challenge About? 

Our Challenge is Easy and you can Join from the comfort of your Home or Office or if you are on the Go.

We are working to RESOLVE Food Insecurity in Australia by creating a Network of charity farms to Grow Food for Those in Need.

The food we grow will be given Freely to local Charities and Food Rescue Agencies in each community, such as Meals on Wheels and OzHarvest.

Yep, they get Free Fresh Nutritious Produce every week to convert into meals to feed needy Australians.

Most charities buy food to convert into meals. We can do better and become one of the largest suppliers of Free Produce to charities each week.

Why Are We Doing This You Ask?

Because the last FoodBank Hunger Report 2021 showed us that, 1 in 6 adults in Australia haven't had enough to eat in the last year, and even more shockingly, 1.2 million children have gone hungry.

There are also 47,000 people in the Logan Region Require daily food assistance.

Our charity partners that we currently work with tell us that the cannot keep up with the demand.

We still can't get past the fact that 1.2 Million Australian Children have gone hungry in the past year and continue to do so each day that passes.


Who Are We?

We believe that the vulnerable in our communities deserve continuous access to good quality and nutritious food.
We believe that food insecurity can be eliminated through a chain of special purpose urban and peri- urban farms.
We use a variety of growing methods to grow food anywhere. 

We are the Mini Farm Project, a registered charity, and our SOLUTION to Resolving Food Insecurity is converting under-utilised spaces into urban farms to grow food for those in need on a consistent basis.

Our Samford farm has been supplying Meals on Wheels Moreton Bay with up to 50 kg of Free Fresh Produce each week since December 12, 2020.

We now have plans to develop farms at Loganlea State High School, Wamuran and Coolum as well as many more. In Fact our planned farm at Loganlea State High School will become a template for other schools to be part of the solution and help feed students in need.

YOU can now be apart of this amazing Initiative.

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So Shout Us a Coffee Donation now. It's only a  $3.70 Monthly Tax Deductible Donation.

A low price to Resolving Food Insecurity.

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  • We have the experienced Team.
  • We have the Land.
  • We just need your help make it Happen.

It's that easy.

Now, are you Ready to make a Real Difference?

We are looking for 100,00 people to take this challenge and we are away Building new Charity Farms in your name.


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