Samford Farm Recovering

Jun 11, 2022

In March we say a massive targeted weather event over South East Queensland that saw extreme flooding all over the region with loss of property and many farms.

Our Samford Farm was not flooded but with the amount of water falling in a single day the top layer of our beds was washed away along with recently planted seeds and seedlings.

The team had to wait a week before we could assess any damage as there was so much water on the site is was too hard to walk around the field.

We arranged for additional seedlings to be planted 1 week after the event and were back up and running within 4 weeks thanks to the hard work of Liam, Rob and Arran.

The community came to our rescue with the sale of 380 Farm Rescue Produce Boxes which helped us get over the several weeks that we could not sell our produce.

Farm Boxes started to be delivered within 4 weeks to customers and have rolled out slowly to mid June.

 Unfortunately that rains returned in May and set us back again with damaged crops.

The farm lost a number of crops and we are recovering quicker than March.

We should be back to full production at the end of June.

For more information or to sponsor a bed or donate visit The Mini Farm Project’s website - 


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