Love Coffee?

Jun 18, 2022

We decided to do something a little differently and BIG to Resolve Food Insecurity.

Something that will help the 1 in 6 Aussies who are food insecure and not having enough to eat. 


What is it?

We are planning to create a network of charity farms to grow food for those in need ALL YEAR ROUND.

Supported by an online community where YOU can help FUND A NEW FARM A MONTH FOR A YEAR by simply shouting us the value of a coffee a month.

Sounds crazy but it can be done.


We have the land, we have the team, but we need your support.


By Shouting us the Value of a Coffee ($3.70) once a month you will be part of the LARGEST Climate Initiative that Australia has seen.


We are looking for 100,000 Aussies to be part of our online community and smash food insecurity by FUNDING A FARM A MONTH.


If you are interested in making a difference and supporting this Climate Initiative then JOIN our Community today.

Find out more here --> COFFEE FOR CHANGE


For more information or to sponsor a bed or donate visit The Mini Farm Project’s website - 


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Full Time Market Garden Farmer Required

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Full Time Market Garden Farmer Required

Oct 01, 2022