LEAF - Logan Eco Action Festival

Jun 11, 2022

LEAF - Logan Eco Action Festival is a yearly event sponsored by Griffith University that celebrates everything eco while exploring how we can all reduce, reuse and recycle to create a more sustainable world and future.

We were one of many exhibitors showcasing our Loganlea State High School and Native Bush Food Farm Project at Loganlea State High School with our stakeholders CityStudio, Griffith University and Loganlea State High.

The event was a success with many People learning more about how we plan to RESOLVE FOOD Insecurity in the Logan Region.

Thank you to CityStudio for sponsoring a stand.

A BIG thank you to Stacey Martin (City Studio), Paulette Oldfield (City Transformation, Logan City Council) and James (Loganlea State High School).

For more information or to sponsor a bed or donate visit The Mini Farm Project’s website - 


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