Charity Farm for Loganlea State High School

May 16, 2022

Students and Teachers at Loganlea State High School will be busy in the next few months growing Food for Those in Need.

They have partnered with a registered charity called The Mini Farm Project who’s sole purpose is to create a network of charity farms to Grow Food for Those in Need and give that food away to local charities and food rescue agencies at no cost.

Produce from the Loganlea State High Charity Farm will be freely donated to students in need at the school as well as OzHarvest and Meals on Wheels.

“This is an amazing opportunity for students to learn about agribusiness, grow produce and give food to those most in need.” Said Nick Steiner, Founder of The Mini Farm Project.

“We provide students with learning outcomes as well as the opportunity for giving and understanding the need that many face in their community.”, Nick said.

Charities cannot keep up with the need and in the Logan Region there are over 47,000 people who require daily food assistance.

This climate smart initiative uses regenerative agricultural practices to create a market garden farm at the School.

Hospitality students will have the opportunity grow produce and cook the produce they grow on a regular basis also as part of their studies.

Part of the produce grown will be sold to fund the farmer and the farm. Once the farm is operational coals will be able to order fresh produce each week and support charity.

Businesses can also position themselves to helping this project by sponsoring a bed with a tax deductible donation.

Those businesses will receive a plaque made by substation33 and have there plaque at their bed for the full year .

This is a great opportunity for local business to support those in need and let their customers know that they are part of this amazing initiative at the School.

For more information or to sponsor a bed or donate visit The Mini Farm Project’s website -


For more information or to sponsor a bed or donate visit The Mini Farm Project’s website - 


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