"It's about People working with People for People."

Nick Steiner, Founder

Hi, I'm Nick Steiner

Founder of The Mini Farm Project.


This is my Story

You will see more photos of our team, supporters and volunteers than you will see of me on our webpages and social media.

I prefer to champion our team and not one for being in every photo. But you will see the occasional one as it's not about me. It's About People Working with People for People.

My skills and ability to bring people together and create a charity to Grow Food for Those in Need stems from my years in the Hospitality Industry.

Hospitality is about Relationships and Customer Service. Those skills have been fostered since I left High School and in all the various roles and companies I worked for.

My last job was as Event Manager, and I kind of see The Mini Farm Project as one Big Event.

Back in 2010, I started asking myself some hard questions. “Is what I do meaningful?”, “Does it matter?” And "How I am giving back?".
So I decided to look for a more meaningful pursuit that I can give back to.

In 2014, I decided to take action and put together my passion for gardening and giving back to the community and start a charity that intentionally Grows Food for Those in Need.

Our first farm was in my back yard and we quickly expanded to a number of smaller farms in Brisbane utilising IBC tanks as wicking beds and Grow Bags.

Back then I was still working full time in Catering.

It was when I lost my job as the Covid Event rolled out in early 2020 that I focused full time on the charity and had the opportunity to partner with Meals on Wheels to fund our farm at Millen Farm and employ an amazing farmer, Liam.

We are now looking to roll out this new model in Logan, Caboolture and Sunshine Coast with new farms planned.

How we work is simple. We grow produce and donate it at no cost to local charities and food rescue agencies.

I did not see the need to replicate what other organisations are already doing, so we partner with them instead and build community.

My overall goal is to be a consistent provider of Free, Fresh and Nutritious Produce donated weekly to our Meals on Wheels and OzHarvest and other local charities around each of our farms.

This is an exciting project to help needy Australians.

Feel free to take a look around our site, Subscribe to our Newsletter and Join our Online Community and make a Direct Impact today.

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