1 acre can produce up to 10,000 kg of food or 30,000 meals

Our Sites

325 m2 Grow bag site - Active

This site is on the old Timber Mill in Camp Hill. The soil is hard and full of construction material so we cannot grow in the ground. Luckily we have these amazing grow bags that allow us to use this space.

Land shared by: Timber Tots Child Care
Sponsored by: Wine & Dine’m Catering


340 m2 Hydroponic Site

Our first commercial site allowing us to self fund.

Site is on private property.

Sponsored by: Wine & Dine’m Catering, OD Hydrology, Grant funding


1 acre grow bag farm

This 1 acre site is currently in the planning and funding stage.
It will be a grow bag farm as the soil in this area is not good to grow in.
Pending funding we plan to commence development in October 2020.

Land shared by: Destiny Church Caboolture


30 acres in ground farm

This site is waiting to be Developed.

Just 15 minutes south of Beaudesert this site has the potential to produce 900,000 meals.

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