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Refreshing the beds at our Woollongabba site

12 Aug , 2017   Video

This is our Woollongabba site, hosted by our Sponsor Wine & Dine’m Catering.

The site is at the back of a warehouse and in an effort to grow food anywhere, we employ self watering wicking tanks.

The tanks are made from cutting IBC Tanks in half. We found the design from looking at Rob’s website – Bits out the back farming. Thanks Rob.

Today our team came in to turn the soil, add manure, compost made at Timber Tots and extra soil to refresh each bed.

We watered and covered them with coffee bags provided by Black Sheep Coffee.

Our Woolloongabba site is our research area, where we grow special crops, and learn what happens when we leave crops in longer than harvest point.

All produce is delivered to Caboolture Community Action.

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