Day at the Pod

17 Oct , 2015  


We had a great day today making an extra 2 compost piles.     Looks like some visitors dropped by to say hi… Now to prep area 1 with an additional raised bed. Lastly, time to prep area 2 for our upcoming working bee. This has a new fence and is ready for creating no […]


Pumpkins and melons

6 Oct , 2015  


These pumpkin and watermelon seedlings are from our nursery that blew down in the last storm. These are being planted in the food forest area to provide a heap of ground cover to build up the organic matter and hopefully produce a lot of pumpkins and watermelons in the coming months. With Betty making the […]


Zucchini trellis

6 Oct , 2015  

Trellis for zucchini-006_wm

Our mini working bee to put a trellis on the zucchini for vertical growing. This should get all the plants growing up instead of on the ground and covering other crops.


Our babies, how quick they grow!

6 Oct , 2015  


Wow, Look at these lovely beans. The Kale, silver beet and bok choy are coming up nicely also. The cabbage should be ready in a few weeks.


Green House Installed

11 Sep , 2015  


New temporary green house is up and running also… The seeds we planted a few weeks ago are starting to shoot.


More worm farm tubs

18 Aug , 2015  


Just picked up 3 bath tubs headed for the scrapper. Recycling and repurposing is great and also very environmentally friendly and sustainable. These will make great worm compost bins. Thanks to Nikki at Argent for the tubs and Craig Fox at Wine & Dine’m Catering for the use of the ute.   These old doors […]


Seed planting day

1 Aug , 2015  


Seed planting day today. Got a lot done. Gracias señor Luis. Also got the approval from Matron Ruby!

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POD0 Prepping

26 Jul , 2015  


Big day in the POD0 today. Planted new seedlings, cleaned the chook house, set up the back storage are on pallets, moved the heavy iron bath tub and set it up as first tub worm farm, got some eggs and cleaned up around garden, fed the girls live meal worms. Need to set up nursery […]


Our new worm farm tub

12 Jul , 2015  


Today Michelle from Brandition gave us her old cast iron bath tub.  We are going to use it as a worm farm.  Look at these beauties!