THE MINI FARM PROJECT: Making food accessible for all

21 Feb , 2018  

Food is one of the basic essentials of human life. Not only does it fuel, nourish and grow our bodies, it also tastes pretty darn amazing. For many of us, our lives revolve around food. It’s a social and cultural thing – it’s something that brings people together. Sharing a meal with your loved ones […]


Homelessness and nutrition: the need for fresh food

7 Feb , 2018  

Food is something that most of society takes for granted, especially in our cities. In our markets, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants it is abundant and easily available. But for many people, food may not always be accessible and affordable. People who are homeless or in need often go without food1. There may be infrequent availability […]


Welcome to our new Director, Paul Farmer

29 Jan , 2018  

With 20+ years in corporate environments, Paul brings a refreshing perspective to creating growth. His ability to have others think outside the square means he adds value to the organisations he works with. Possessing skills and experience in business, leadership, strategic planning, mentoring and facilitation, he works with organisations to identify options and potential opportunities […]