Homelessness and nutrition: the need for fresh food

7 Feb , 2018  

Food is something that most of society takes for granted, especially in our cities. In our markets, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants it is abundant and easily available. But for many people, food may not always be accessible and affordable. People who are homeless or in need often go without food1. There may be infrequent availability […]


Welcome to our new Director, Paul Farmer

29 Jan , 2018  

With 20+ years in corporate environments, Paul brings a refreshing perspective to creating growth. His ability to have others think outside the square means he adds value to the organisations he works with. Possessing skills and experience in business, leadership, strategic planning, mentoring and facilitation, he works with organisations to identify options and potential opportunities […]


Refreshing the beds at our Woollongabba site

12 Aug , 2017   Video


This is our Woollongabba site, hosted by our Sponsor Wine & Dine’m Catering. The site is at the back of a warehouse and in an effort to grow food anywhere, we employ self watering wicking tanks. The tanks are made from cutting IBC Tanks in half. We found the design from looking at Rob’s website […]

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Urban Farming

Mini Farm @ Timber Tots, Camp Hill

18 Feb , 2017  


Last year Jana and Lachlan from Timber Tots Child Care land shared their site next to the Timber Tots Child Care Center on Bennetts Road, Camp Hill. It has taken a few months to get sorted between juggling funding, resources and time to get were we are today. This site will have 40 7.6m x […]



Our big farm scout

9 Oct , 2016   Video

Big Farm Scout

There are about 100 new charities being registered per month through ACNC (The Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission), and there is only so much money to go around. With more charities pitching for funding, we decided that we need to be responsible and produce crops for sale to self fund our operation and […]

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Wicking Beds

Creating our new wicking bed POD

20 Feb , 2016  


We are grateful to Wine & Dine’m Catering for hosting a wicking bed pod behind their offices in Woollongabba. These 8 self watering wicking beds are made from food grade IBC tanks.  We got the idea and instructions from our new friend Rob from Rob Bob’s Backyard Farming. This project was created over 4 weekends.  […]

Planting Day

POD0 Planting Day

8 Nov , 2015  


What a superb turn out of volunteers to our first planting day. With over 70 plants placed in 10 garden beds we successfully tested all our processes and procedures for our Earth Based Pod design.

Green Waste Program

Green Waste Program

17 Oct , 2015  


We are pleased to say that since Thursday 8 October 2015, we have collected 16 bins with 254 kg of green waste supplied by our supporters Top Spot Fruit Mart and Wine & Dine’m Catering. From this we fed the chooks, all the worm farms and used the rest in the new composts.  


Day at the Pod

17 Oct , 2015  


We had a great day today making an extra 2 compost piles.     Looks like some visitors dropped by to say hi… Now to prep area 1 with an additional raised bed. Lastly, time to prep area 2 for our upcoming working bee. This has a new fence and is ready for creating no […]